Monday, September 15, 2008

Magical Ice & Homemade Fluff

I had no idea that it wasn't common knowledge that marshmallows could be made at one's own home until recently. My co-workers were pretty surprised that this could be done. So I had to make some for 'em, of course. The reason this topic came up was a cookbook I had heard about on MSL Radio, "Marshmallows" by Elaine Talanian. I have got to procure this little baby. Another one I heard about on the radio recently is "Granita Magic." Who knew this was such a lively topic? The author was on Everyday Food chatting abou this book. Granitas are sooooo easy and apparently, the possibilities are endless. Saffron & Honey! Balsamic Red Pepper and Horseradish! Crazy stuff, but I'll try anything once.

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