Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cake and more cake

I have been going through our digital photos today, categorizing and printing. I thought I'd share a few from the cake file. The first one I made for my husband's accounting firm on the tax filing deadline day last year. It was complete with edible paper tape and a board covered in 1040 forms. What will I do this year? Hmmmm.
This one was made for my aunt's birthday. Obviously, she is a painter. I made the paint tubes from fondant and the brush from gumpaste.

This one was for my niece's first birthday. She got this little cake all to herself. The rest of us had raspberry jam filled dark chocolate cupcakes.

And this one was for my grandmother's birthday. It is all done in buttercream frosting.

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Bree said...

they are all beautiful, but that accounting one, oh my...i love it!