Saturday, March 8, 2008

Music to my ears

Tonight we're going to see the everybodfields and The Greencards. (a valentine's present to my husband) They are both Americana/folk/alt-country groups. The Greencards are a trio (two guys and a girl) -- two Australians and a Brit. You can listen to their music here. The everybodyfields are a guy and girl from Johnson City, TN. From their website: "the everybodyfields offer melancholic interpretations of universal human stories set to achingly beautiful melodies. They put these interpretations to life with such instrumentation as lap steel, lead guitar, electric bass, piano and acoustic guitar. The members cite their influences as country, rock and roll, and folk. Fronted by Sam Quinn and Jill Andrews, the two share instruments and seamlessly merge their wildly different voices."

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